The Phases of Social Mining: An Evolving Product.

DAO Maker’s Social Mining is the most advanced resource for transcending any tokenized ecosystem into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Naturally, such a development takes time and DAO Maker has been developing Social Mining for nearly a year, and along the way, virtually every aspect of it has gone some degree of conceptual advancement or […]

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How the VC Cartel is destroying ICOs (Episode 2)

So when looking into Investopedia for VC we get:  Venture capital is financing that investors provide to startup companies and small businesses that are believed to have long-term growth potential. Although it can be risky for the investors who put up the funds, the potential for above-average returns is an attractive payoff. So the usual VC investment strategy is: Buy […]

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The Story of Bitsdaq

In December 2018 a new Chinese exchange popped out of nowhere, they called it Bitsdaq. To put short Bitsdaq cloned the existing code to utilize the infrastructure of Bittrex. Bittrex is one of the biggest custodians for Bitcoin in the world holding over 1 Billion USD worth of Bitcoin. As such Bittrex introduced one of […]

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How the VC Cartel is destroying ICOs (Episode 1)

How did we get here? Remember the time when people didn’t try to out dump each other? Exchanges nowadays look more like a Black Friday Market. Everybody ready to kill, out of fear getting dump on. Its a phenomenon of 2018. There are many reasons for this behavior. One of them is obviously the recession […]

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The Greater Fool’s Theory: Crypto Edition

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