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    Codyfight is revolutionizing the concept of gaming by eliminating the need for grinding. The majority of games involve too much repetitive gameplay while in Codyfight players are incentivized to choose the AI side and automate playing for the best gaming experience. Non-coders can play on the website with keyboard controls. Community can code AI bots, create, sell and trade NFT skins, and compete against others.

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Codyfight is a multiplayer one-on-one AI coding web-based game. It is a turn-based strategy that can be compared to a chess game for programmers.

The entity a user controls in the game is a battle-ready robot. Each player can own multiple, uniquely named robots with individual rankings. These robots can be controlled via API (AI player) or via the website (human player).

For winning the matches and other various activities, players will be rewarded with crypto tokens. Codyfight is starting to revolutionize gaming in the sense that not only humans can play. With Codyfight, anyone can develop AI bots using any programming language to control their robots. Each robot is a combination of two main parts: NFT Skin and CKey (API key to identify & access the game).

One robot with one default NFT skin and CKey is free for everyone (an exclusive NFT gift during early access). Each additional CKey (meaning additional robot) is granted via subscription. Skins can be bought in the NFT skin shop or from other players in the marketplace. In addition, skins can be acquired as special rewards for outstanding in-game achievements.

Each skin has limited durability, which means it can wear off or get demolished during matches. Repairs come at a cost depending on the damage. Robots are fixed and created in the Robot Forge.

Codyfight features multiple matchmaking modes:

  1. Custom: friends vs. friends
  2. Random: against any random player
  3. Competitive Arena: rank-based matchmaking

Typically, to advance in-game in the traditional setting, a player has to continuously sit and grind (engage with the game). Codyfight provides players with an opportunity to avoid this by deploying smart AI bots that play autonomously. This way, developers who play the game can benefit from their expertise by selling or renting such robots to investors. Investors can buy the source code or an already deployed and running instant.

Well-performing players will be able to scale multiple robot farms to maximize their rewards (think Bitcoin mining with multiple computers). Finally, they focus a lot of attention on the community, where active members will profit from organizing tournaments for other players.

Read more in-depth details in the Whitepaper


Codyfight has a clear marketing plan and strategy in place, meaning that they're planning every step ahead to grow their community and raise awareness about Codyfight. Currently they are in the stage of onboarding Key Opinion Leaders/influencers (a lot of them are already onboarded and started working), making strategic partnerships with other similar projects when it comes to joint marketing campaigns and announcements and holding Ask Me Anything sessions in various community channels.

Codyfight has a strategic partnership with Evangelion Capital which onboarded their marketing agency Social Staircase to develop infographics, write articles, create promotional, information videos and other marketing assets, not to mention marketing-related support that they receive from other investors. They are also being advised by DeRace, a successful play-to-earn NFT horse-racing game based on blockchain; thus, Codyfight has a trusted advisor when it comes to successful marketing tactics and strategies.


The video gaming industry has evolved immensely over the years. It has transformed from a niche subculture to an entertainment platform for people of all age groups. Amidst a global pandemic, this market has boomed even more than expected. Today, video games can be found in every household.

The industry is changing due to new markets coming into the field. Using blockchain technology, many projects have demonstrated that it is possible to create digital assets. NFTs are the latest hot topic around the globe and there is a huge demand and interest in profiting off them.

Moreover, the money that once was accessible to just a chosen few is now accessible to billions of people. Whether or not play2earn can disrupt traditional gaming remains unclear, but new opportunities can prove beneficial to both players and developers alike.

Furthermore, the video gaming world has become a competition to eSports. It is safe to say that the industry has reached a point where Codyfight can develop a platform that merges two aspects: eSports and video gaming.

Codyfight exploits three significant, growing markets: video gaming, eSports, and the crypto market. It combines them through the use of blockchain, NFT technologies, and advanced and competitive reward systems.




Arena entry fees

To enter Competitive Arena players must pay an entry fee, this is the main revenue stream for Codyfight. Each arena match will be generating income for Codyfight depending on the rank players are in. The reward for player and a fee paid to Codyfight is determined using this table:

NFT robot skins

Robots are combined from two major parts: NFT skin and CKey. Codyfight will have a built-in NFT marketplace both for its own (Codyfight) provided skins and community art. Revenue from internal skins will be collected as a full profit for Codyfight, while community provided skins will generate passive income for it's artists and a minimal share will go to Codyfight (less than 20% of the initial NFT price).

CKey subscriptions (premium service)

To have multiple active robots and scale their rewards in game, players will subscribe to additional CKeys for X amount of CTOK (the subscription price is not finalized yet).

Community tournaments fees

Players will be organizing tournaments and making profit by bringing their communities, while Codyfight will take a minimal percentage of the prize pool (entry fees collected) generated by the tournament (less than 10%).

Robot forge fees

Players will pay a minimal fee for managing their robots. A predetermined price will be applied to rename your robot, while repairing your damaged or demolished robot will cost a skin specific price (depending on rarity, collection, etc.).


Backend Server

Core game logic and processing are handled by Codyfight's backend server. This server is constantly communicating with other internal services such as the main Database, Redis storage, Gateway server, and WebSocket server. As the game happens in real time, the Backend Server constantly updates and returns GameState as requested.


Codyfight provides a website with a player dashboard. It allows players to build and customize their robots by using the Robot Forge. There are also plenty of other functionalities that the website implements, including leaderboards, game statistics, player profiles, robots profiles, player dashboards, game spectating, and more to come through the roadmap.

Real-time API - Gateway server

Each time a (ro)bot makes an HTTP request to Codyfight's Gateway server, it delays its response until the opponent has finished their turn. In the perfect game scenario that means it is not specifically required to poll the GameState more than once. To achieve this functionality, Codyfight is using a WebSocket server with Redis, which notifies the Gateway server in real-time about any GameState changes.

For a more detailed Codyfight technical infrastructure - see the image below:

Game Widget

Codyfight Game Widget is built to be easily accessed on any device that can render an HTML and JavaScript code - which is basically any web browser.

It is implemented using WebGL technology, which provides a powerful API for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins.