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LaunchX is a fair, decentralized, multi-chain and blockchain-agnostic launchpad.

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What is LaunchX (LNCHX)?

LaunchX has been in the making for over three months, a brainchild of Marshland Capital, Magnus Capital and Valaran Capital, featuring a star-studded cast of VC's and notable advisors.

LaunchX is a multi-chain IDO launchpad platform, which drives the next generation of projects to launch in an equitable and decentralized manner across multiple blockchains.

The project is community-driven, governance-based, and transparent. Its community runs LaunchX through a first-of-its-kind DAO protocol, so you can actually engage with the projects to dictate how they are launched (and if they will get launched at all). Not only are they extremely adoptable, due to the fact that their launchpad allows multiple chains, but it also makes the listing process in itself uniquely transparent and fair.

A Blockchain-agnostic Launchpad

LaunchX will bridge the crypto-world in a truly novel, innovative way, using full cross-chain integration. They are starting with their native networks, Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum, and are soon expanding to Polkadot & Solana.

What makes LaunchX (LNCHX) unique?

The launchpad market is booming, but there are almost no blockchain-agnostic launchpads at the moment, so LaunchX has the early-mover advantage. It will be launching tokens on top of multiple blockchains; allowing these markets a wider audience through multi-cross-chain compatibilities; backed by a conglomerate of leading funds in a decentralized manner; using the listing fees to further empower the community.

Non-Ethereum ecosystems are struggling with deal-flow pipeline, reputability and trust. LaunchX has a strong backbone for an exceedingly stable core, which shall instil trust into BSC. Bringing trust to a trustless market in a community-focused DAO manner.




  1. Projects will have to come along and apply throughout their application process.
  2. LaunchX will assist those projects by submitting a warm temperature check. They kick off a vote, and the community gets notified the vote is going on.
  3. After the first vote gets passed by the majority, an official proposal is submitted. It will assist the projects again and notify the community. The official proposal voting happens on-chain.
  4. If the official proposal gets passed, the team works with them to set up a launch.

Most centralized projects charge fees and put those in their own pockets. With its decentralized launchpad, a vast majority of the fees are deposited into a vault and leveraged into passive APY strategies. Governance holders can then delegate their tokens for staking in exchange for a passive APY of their funds. Only a small portion of the fees goes into a development fund, which is on-chain and verifiable. The development costs are transparently presented to the governance in the form of a monthly report.


What is LaunchX (LNCHX) marketing strategy?

Multi-IDO launch with DAO Maker, KuCoin, Gate & Samurai. LaunchX has allocated approximately $150,000 to KOL's, and founding vaults being leveraged to bring deal flow; the go-to-market strategy is engulfed into their roadmap; launching vaults with staking capabilities, which is enhanced from the leveraged deal flow, NTF staking which will allow us to scale through to Q3 Solana integration.

What are LaunchX (LNCHX) tokenomics?