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MetaGods is the first Play-To-Earn 8-bit Action RPG built on the blockchain. Trade and play with generative NFTs to vanquish dangerous monsters.

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What is MetaGods (MGOD)?

MetaGods is the world's first 8-bit Action RPG built on the blockchain. You can think of them like the pixelated version of Diablo or Path of Exile. MetaGods will be the first real-time bullet-hell game where your reaction time and control skills will determine your fate.

The main focus of MetaGods is the game, the blockchain factor acts like icing on the cake. By creating Social GameFi, they are encouraging people to play together. Simply put: the more people join a lobby and squad up, the higher the overall APY. It's time to take metaverse gaming to the next level.

MetaGods is providing true utility to NFTs. These generative NFTs are not only your profile picture, but act as your IN GAME characters as well. For the first time, you can upgrade and level up the randomly generated character for stronger attack power, or defense etc.

Each character's tier is dependent on their godility. This is also known as their god blood. For example, if you have a god and a mortal in the family tree, the result is a demigod. If your ancestors are all gods, then you have a titan. The godility will also determine your character stats.

All equipment and items are in fact NFTs. This includes armor, weapons, and other items. The $MGOD token will have utility through the purchase of limited edition adventure packs - more on this in the token section. There are also two game modes available, casual and hardcore.

In casual mode, the game is on autoplay, and your character will automatically fight mob enemies to earn XP points and the in-game token, $RELIC.

In hardcore mode, you will have full control over your character. It is in this mode that the APY is the highest. All of the rare loot and dungeon items are better here. HOWEVER, be warned! If you die here, you will encounter NFT permadeath - your character will be locked out of this mode for the rest of the season. Casual mode will still be available if you die in hardcore mode.

What makes MetaGods (MGOD) unique?

In traditional gaming, you have great game mechanics, but no play-to-earn blockchain mechanics. In blockchain gaming, most games are RPG's. Many games allow you to earn, but may not necessarily be fun. MetaGods is built on the principle of high demand for a fun game that is also financially incentivized. This, and 8-bit has always been super hot in crypto. Just one look at cryptopunks and you can see that this retro style is iconic for our industry!

There is another thing that sets us apart from the rest. We are an ACTION RPG. What's the difference between an ACTION RPG and a regular RPG you may ask?

The biggest difference between an ACTION RPG and a regular RPG is the timing. In regular RPG's, you usually have turn-based activities. For example, player 1 flips a card and attacks. Player 2 then flips his/her card, and retaliates. It's a bit too slow for us, so we decided to create a game in real-time. With a real-time action RPG, you are IN THE ACTION. This means that everything is happening right now. This moment, you must react. The onslaught of bullets fired upon you must be evaded NOW. Your reaction time, your full control of the character.. all those real skills must be put to use if you want to survive.

This is an advantage for us because there are not too many Action RPG's built on the blockchain. We chose 8-bit not only for the retro style, but because we know that we can make something quickly and deploy it fast.

They are also implementing a Social GameFi element into the game. There is a bit of a strategy here. Much like many other MMORPGs, you must team up with a squad of different roles in order to defeat the strongest bosses and receive the highest APY. You should always have a healer on the team. You should always have a tank on the team, and a healer that can heal everyone in the party. The "holy trinity" of MMO still exists here, and we have imported it over from the traditional gaming world. We've also been working on a chat function:

When you type a message, it will pop up over the character head. As you walk around, people in the game can also see your message. It will also appear as green text as a blast to the entire lobby or party that you are currently in.

What features does MetaGods (MGOD) have?

The first feature would be Generative NFTs. NFTs are no longer just a PFP, they are your IN GAME character as well. This means that the generated NFT that you mint will be able to be used in the dungeons. As you fight different bosses and climb the leaderboard, you will be able to see your name and NFT posted for the world to see.

Second, MetaGods features social GameFi. This is a new phenomenon in the blockchain space, but not in the traditional gaming world. They have incentivized a play-to-earn model that rewards playing in large groups. The MORE people you play together with, the HIGHER the APY.

Third, the game is a REAL TIME action RPG. This means that you must use your reaction time and control skills to defeat mythical monsters and survive. Unlike most turn-based RPGs, this one is different. You're in the heat of the action, and it's up to you to win the APY rewards.

Fourth, MetaGods features NFT permadeath. In hardcore mode, you must risk everything to acquire the rarest rewards. If you die, however, be prepared to lose everything. Some may argue that this is not a good feature, but it puts RISK in the game. Who wants to play a game that you can never lose? The game is supposed to be fun. This includes the risk of LOSS, driving competition even further.

Another feature is the in-game economy. All equipment (weapons, armor, items, consumables) are NFTs. Trade these in the marketplace and among friends and gamers.

MetaGods has multiple game modes, which are fit for everyone. They have casual mode, which is autoplay and stake-to-earn. The game will run on its own, and you can leave it to earn passively. Hardcore mode is the one where you have full control, but risk it all.

And finally, they will host special tournaments and events. They are working on discord features that will allow one-click play. You send an invite to your friend, and they click the link.. and BOOM. They're in your lobby ready to play. MetaGods is making it easy for everyone.

What is MetaGods (MGOD) roadmap?

MetaGods (MGOD) revenue streams

What technologies MetaGods (MGOD) created and used?

The team has previously created the dungeon crawling engine, and is building out the DeFi stack and game design simultaneously. As you know, testing is vital in the blockchain world, because when you add a financial layer on top, you cannot make mistakes. The game is built on Unity, and the blockchain of choice is Binance Smart Chain. They have plans to eventually port to other chains, such as Solana. However, this will not happen until later down the line.

What is MetaGods (MGOD) marketing strategy?

MetaGods will acquire users by putting out a real product. They have already sold over 15,000 character NFTs that were designed in Unity, with more counting by the minute. This massive support from the community encourages the game engineers to build quickly. The best way to acquire users is by having a quality game.

DeFi Development: We are building the DeFi financial layer in unison with the game development side. By building both in parallel, we are capable of setting up wireframes to prepare for integration. There is a lot of testing that needs to be done. As you know, with a financial layer and smart contracts involved, you must constantly be testing. This is the only way to avoid mistakes.

We are pushing hard to have an early sneak peek for everyone for the holidays, so please stay tuned!

Game Development:

We also have my different things planned to get the community hype. First, we will have item drops and "attributes of the week" in the upcoming future. By this we mean with three possible giveaways, which include armor, weapons, and items. More info below:

Zeus' lightning bolts

They are a projectile weapon that fires out from the character. Heavy damage lightning bolts with a high rate of fire. When equipped, you will rain havoc on the enemy. This is a legendary weapon that can only be found in certain dungeons, or as a special airdrop to the community.

Zeus' Armor

This is legendary loot that is found in several levels throughout the game. It offers high defense and protection from mob onslaughts and special bosses. Another special attribute of this suit of armor is its resistance to lightning attacks. When fighting Zeus or other lightning-based bosses, this will come in handy.

Resurrection Stone

This stone, when equipped, will allow you to come back to life. In hardcore mode, NFT permadeath is prevalent. This means that when you lose all your life, your character will be locked out of hardcore mode for the remainder of the season. The only way back is with this equipped. HOWEVER, beware that this also takes up one of your item slots. There's only 4. 1 for armor, 1 for weapons, and 2 for items. If you equip this item you will only have room for ONE more item. As game developers, game balancing is one of our main priorities.

Here's a sample UI. Note the 4 item slots underneath the map.

Character Attributes and Stats

When characters are generated, we also will provide the rarity of the character. Each character will then have 6 base abilities that will be rolled. They are:

  1. Strength
  2. Dexterity
  3. Charisma
  4. Intelligence
  5. Wisdom
  6. Constitution

Based on these attributes and your character class/rarity, it will yield your character stats.

Stats include your character's Health Points (HP), Mana Points (MP), Attack Power, and Defense Power.

Since the characters are randomly generated NFTs, they can consist of different gods and rarities (body parts). Here's a few of the full gods for your reference. They are of varying rarity.

They are also implementing a leaderboard, so that the top players can have their name and NFT characters displayed for the world to see.

Last but not least, they are planning to have an APE BOSS. They love apes, and they are in crypto… so we've created a boss fight that will be fun. Introducing… Balor Ape.

He's got 4 basic animations. Weapons locked, Weapons free, and both striking positions. He is forged of fire and lightning, so Zeus' armor would offer good relief in this battle.

On top of the drops mentioned earlier, we will also have tournaments (utilizing the leaderboard) for players to fight against each other, as well as dungeon environments. There will also be boss challenge events, similar to the boss ape. Players will have a limited time to enter these special dungeons, where the APY and rewards are the highest. If you are not well equipped for these battles, you will lose everything. The bosses all have special attacks and an incredible amount of HP. These special boss challenges will get more and more difficult as the time goes by, and we will have over 50 of them. We are currently in development on these as well.

With heavy gaming development, we plan to go to market with a real game that the world can play. We're bringing blockchain gaming to the next level, and it would be an honor to have your support.

What are MetaGods (MGOD) tokenomics?

$MGOD Token - The MGOD token will be the core game token, designed to be deflationary by nature. It will be used to purchase unique and limited edition adventure packs, which consist of character NFTs and equipment. Using the MGOD token to purchase allows players to strive for mythical character strength and god-tier character NFTs. On top of this, players will receive mythical and legendary items to use in-game. The only way to defeat stronger bosses in the highest yield dungeons is by equipping the strongest weapons and armor. Thus, whoever uses the MGOD token will have a better edge in-game. The MGOD token will also be used as an entry fee, to get into special dungeons for the rarest rewards and highest APY. Another use case will be for the governance of game direction. They have many dungeons and levels in development, but it is up to the community which realm they release first. Supporters will stake the MGOD token to earn the in-game token.

The in-game token, $RELIC will be the backbone of the largest metaverse economy. RELIC tokens are used to enter dungeons (entry fee), as well as used to purchase, repair, and upgrade weapons and armours. In game consumable items can also be purchased by the RELIC token. When players stake the MGOD token, they will slowly earn XP and the RELIC token. They will then use this token in the game as a utility for fast track character upgrades, item buying and entrance fees.