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OpenOcean is the world's first DeFi & CeFi full aggregator. OpenOcean finds the best price, no additional fees, and lowest slippage for traders on aggregated DeFi and CeFi by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm.

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What is Open Ocean (OOE)?

OpenOcean is the world's first and leading CeDeFi full aggregator for crypto trading. OpenOcean's algorithms find the best prices and split the routes to provide traders the best prices, lowest slippage, lowest gas fees, no additional fees and fast settlements. The function is free to use, OpenOcean sailors only need to pay the normal blockchain gas fees and exchange fees for the trades, which are charged by the exchanges not OpenOcean.

The aggregator serves as a bridge connecting the isolated islands of DeFi and CeFi and aims to build an ecosystem that benefits all types of users in the current fragmented market. Everyone can apply their own investment strategies on various crypto asset classes regardless of whether they are a small individual investor or a large institution. Whales and fish are equally welcome. It's built for everyone.

  • OpenOcean is the entrance for one-stop spot and derivative trading on DEXes and CEXes with the best prices and lowest slippage
  • OpenOcean finds the best price and lowest slippage for traders on aggregated DEXes and CEXes by applying a deeply optimized intelligent routing algorithm
  • OpenOcean also provides users with APIs and a tailor-made user interface to support their specific investment strategy
  • Swap transactions and cross-chain swap transactions (ETH, ETH Layer2, BSC, ONT, TRON and more)
  • Arbitrage between DEXes and CEXes

OpenOcean has its own token, $OOE, which enables users to participate in governance, liquidity mining and enjoy further benefits.

Looking to the future, OpenOcean will further aggregate derivatives, yield-generation, lending, insurance products as well on both DeFi and CeFi and launch our own combined margin products and intelligent wealth management products.

What is Open Ocean (OOE) marketing strategy?

Being the leading aggregator on Binance Smart Chain, they encourage users to take OpenOcean as an entrance to BSC by educating users on how to maximize their profits through trading on OpenOcean at the best price and then participate in other DeFi projects. OpenOcean also provides tools for users to compare the price between CEXes and DEXes, and support users to make their choice.

Currently, they have campaigns together with swaps, wallets and other projects for promotions in both communities. For example, it teamed up with Pancake and safepal wallet on BSC for campaigns by trading on OpenOcean. They also teamed up with ad hoc projects such as Reef and Seascape when they list their tokens and encourage users to trade their tokens on OpenOcean with the best price. OpenOcen also has campaigns with TrustWallet after the implementation of the mobile version.

They also attract users by 0 fee and slippage subsidy and educate wallet users to take OpenOcean as an entrance to BSC and Defi trading.

OpenOcean continuously aggregates DEXes on existing public chains such as BSC, Ethereum, Ontology, and TRON that can be beneficial to users by offering better prices and more liquidity. They are also working on the aggregation of DEX ecosystems on Solana and others to offer more liquidity and assets for users.

In Q2 2021, it will list OOE token and do token airdrops. 2% of OOE token will be sent to eligible addresses to incetive users that traded on OpenOcean before token issuance. They will also start liquidity mining on aggregated DEXes and CEXes as well as on OpenOcean to boost its user numbers and trading volume.

In Q2 2021, OpenOcean will start to aggregate derivative products. They will further aggregate yield products, lending and insurance products. Then it will launch combined margin products and intelligent wealth management after all the infrastructures are done.

By offering users with the most well-rounded product portfolio in the crypto world, the users take OpenOcean as their entrance for trading.

One more important thing is that they offer institutional investors with tailor-making user interface service to help facilitate their investment strategies on the aggregated CEXes and DEXes. It helps to bring large volumes to OpenOcean.

What makes Open Ocean (OOE) unique?

Full aggregation to provide a single entrance to all mainstream crypto assets trading

1. DEX aggregation: Aggregates DEXes and supporting cross chain transactions

2. CEX aggregation: further aggregates spot trading on mainstream CEXes

3. Derivative and yield-generating products aggregation: aggregates Derivative and yield-generating products on both DEXes and CEXes

Intelligent routing and machine learning to offer best rates and lowest gas fees

1. Splits the order and applies an optimized algorithm (Dijkstra and D-star ) to make sure that users get the best price on the market with lowest gas consumption and lowest slippage

2. Constantly optimizes the routes using machine learning with platform data

3. Offers the best price to users by comparing the prices on aggregated DEXes and CEXes

4. Protects users' profit by subsidizing slippage losses with OOE tokens to OOE token holders

What is Open Ocean (OOE) roadmap?

Open Ocean (OOE) revenue streams

How does Open Ocean (OOE) work?

  • One-stop smooth trading experience with the best price on DeFi and CeFi
  • Supports one-stop transactions on different products such as derivative products on different exchanges with OpenOcean portfolio margin pool
  • Integrates liquidities from mainstream DEXes and CEXes to provide better liquidity and faster response rate
  • Supports mainstream wallets
  • Offers tools such as limit orders and candlestick chart tools, profit and loss setting, real-time monitoring and alerts, APIs and transaction tools for derivative products
  • Offers tailor-made user interface to support institutional investors' trading strategies

What technologies Open Ocean (OOE) created and used?

OpenOcean protocol consists of public smart contracts deployed on each aggregated public chain and proprietary technology such as discovery and routing algorithms. OpenOcean utilizes an optimized version of the Dijkstra algorithm (D-star) which then splits routing between different protocols for better transaction rates. This ensures that users get the best price on the market with less gas consumption and lower slippage.

  • Applies an optimizing algorithm based on Dijkstra and D-star to get the initial best route
  • Additionally it constantly optimizes the routes based on machine learning using platform data
  • Offers the best price to users by comparing the prices on aggregated DEXes with the best price on CEXes
  • Protects user interests by real-time subsidizing slippage losses with OOE tokens
  • Utilizes transparent pricing mechanism without charging additional protocol transaction fees

The public smart contracts facilitate the transactions between users and the exchanges through an API which is either accessed via the OpenOcean interface or user's own API setup. The contracts include several inner contracts that each perform a specific function such as swap, price quote, route, calculate, optimize, and also communicate with the algorithms.

The launch of combined margin products and intelligent wealth management system requires profound knowledge and experience in finance, risk control as well as trading system development which are also one of the core competences of the team.

What are Open Ocean (OOE) tokenomics?