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Create your farm & display it on DAO Maker

Use all the smart contract tools and open the doors to one of the biggest communities in crypto! Show your legitimacy and get verified on DAO Maker.

Create Farm

3 easy steps to create your farms

Together with high benefit Staking and crypto launchpad, at DAO Maker we strive to give benefits to our users, through social activity rewards or Governance.

Select a blockchain

You can select chains such as ETH, BSC, and Polygon

Define contract terms

Reward token contract, total rewards, campaign duration

Initiate farms

Deposit your tokens and indicate the starting time of the farms

Join our DAO Maker ecosystem

Get massive boost in visibility with DAO Maker’s large ecosystem and join other leading startups in the industry.


Total assets value

Trusted and valued by the biggest communities



Gain access to one of the biggest communities in the industry



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Registered users

Start your farms today and be part of our vibrant community

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Benifits of verified farms

DAO Maker offers you a powerful platform to create your own research page and get verified so that your farms are visible and trusted by your customers.

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Get verified on
DAO Maker

Get your tokens on smart contracts and get trustable metrics for your clients.

Your own dedicated research Page

Massive boost in visibility via DAO Makers dedicated Research Pages

Vesting contracts & token metrics wizard

Great metrics help you succeed. At DAO Maker we help you set up

DAO Maker farms liquidity

Bootstrap your token liquidity via DAO Maker Farms

Integration in DAO ecosystem

All verified farms are integrated in DAO ecosystem

Verification process

Vote for DAO Maker ecosystem changes by engaging in discussions on Discord. The ecosystem participation is open only for DAO token holders or those who staked.

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