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To be verified either launch on DAO Maker or go through the verification process in few simple steps

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Provide general information about your project

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Our core team will review your input and verify

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Benifits of vesting contract on DAO Maker

DAO Maker's vesting smart contract are audited and ensuring that the project is able to perform rug pulls.

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Get verified on
DAO Maker

Get your tokens on smart contracts and get trustable metrics for your clients.

Your own dedicated research Page

Massive boost in visibility via DAO Makers dedicated Research Pages

Vesting contracts & token metrics wizard

Great metrics help you succeed. At DAO Maker we help you set up

DAO Maker farms liquidity

Bootstrap your token liquidity via DAO Maker Farms

Integration in DAO ecosystem

All verified farms are integrated in DAO ecosystem

Verification process

Get your application verified by our operator to increase your visibility and be listed among all verified farms.

How do Farms work?

Everything you need to know about the Venture Staking.Can’t find the answer
you’re looking for? Please search answers in our Telegram community support.

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How does Venture Staking work?

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Why should I stake DAO in the Venture Staking contracts?

High pool performance, scalable and simple system managing the distribution of DAO obtained, safe & secure Read more

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Where do the DAOs for pool performance come from?

Venture Staking fee tokens are converted into stablecoins to buy $DAO. These tokens will be used for Venture staking. Read more

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