A DYCO offers its participants the ability to refund any token, no matter if they held them or sold them at a profit.

100% of the circulating supply is backed by USDC for the first 16 months after the Token Generation Event. The token supply remains static during this time.

If the token value falls by more than 20% from the initial price, DYCO participants can generate risk free profits by buying tokens from the market and refunding them. Refunded tokens are automatically burned reducing the circulating supply by up to 100%.
Orion Protocol is the first Token Sale operation on DAO Maker's DYCO framework.
If desired, the project will return 80% of the raised funds back to DYCO participants through refunds, giving you protection never seen in crypto before.
    Enjoy the upside of a project performance without the danger and uncertainty of traditional token offerings. Unlike most tokens, you hold the power: you will be able to trade from day one.
      DYCO framework is stable and ensures greater accountability of the project team for reaching milestones and delivering promised results. Experience a natural price floor with organic volume and liquidity built-in.
        Every ORN token that will be refunded will be destroyed. Only purchased tokens will be in circulation till the 16th month.
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          KEY METRICS
          Initial Circulation:
          Total Supply:
          3.81M ORN (3.81%, $381,000)
          100,000,000 ORN
          Project Valuation:
          Public Price:
          $8,333,333 ($3.75M / 0.45)
          Private Price:
          Seed Price:
          $0.1 (+20% bonus, bonus locked for 16 months)
          $0.1 (+20% bonus, main part and bonus locked for 16 months)
          1. What is Orion Protocol (ORN)?
          Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity, order book depth, and trade pairs of every centralized exchange, decentralized exchange, and swap pool. It is the most advanced liquidity aggregator ever developed.

          By aggregating the liquidity of the entire crypto market into one decentralized platform, Orion Protocol solves the largest issues in DeFi.

          Governing the protocol is the proprietary staking mechanism Delegated Proof of Broker, fulfilling every function via a decentralized brokerage, with the ORN token at its core. This mechanism underpins each solution built on the protocol, including the flagship product Orion Terminal, which is an aggregation of all major exchanges' liquidity into one decentralized terminal.

          The Protocol's enables a rich product roadmap, including the Orion Enterprise, which provides much needed solutions for businesses in the space, including blockchains and exchanges, alongside an unrivaled price oracle and high-margin DEX.
          1.a. Go-To Market
          Virtually everyone involved with cryptocurrencies has to participate in trading.

          However, liquidity options in cryptocurrency come with trade-offs. Centralized exchanges take custody of user assets & they force users to hope from 1 brand to another, DEX lack liquidity, and swapping pools lack depth.

          Orion brings the benefits of all three in one platform by combining the liquidity and order books of every centralized exchange, DEX, and swap pool.

          This gives Orion a massive go-to market as:
          • Users of any CEX can still access the coins and liquidity of their CEX through Orion, but with even greater price discovery, liquidity, and depth, while also holding on to their assets
          • Users of any DEX get magnitudes greater liquidity without giving up their assets
          • Users of any Swap pool benefit from much lower fees without giving up their assets
          1.b. Product Viability
          Liquidity aggregators already exist, and have displayed great demand. For example, Tagomi, a broker that functioned as a liquidity aggregator for institutions has been acquired by Coinbase for $100M, even though it only aggregates a few centralized markets.

          Meanwhile, decentralized liquidity aggregators, like and, process millions in volume even though they only aggregate the order books of decentralized exchanges and swap pools.

          Orion offers a non-custodial liquidity aggregator. This greatly reduces friction to user onboarding as people can use their current wallet and immediately tap into the liquidity of every CEX, DEX, and swap pool.
          2. PRODUCT ROADMAP
          3. revenue streams
          4. Product Dive
          The Orion Terminal and Orion Protocol are not the same.

          The Orion Protocol aggregates the liquidity, order book depth, and price discovery from every centralized and decentralized digital asset market. This enables the creation of the Orion Terminal, and an array of other much-needed products for consumers and businesses.
          - Orion Terminal
          - Orion Lending
          - Orion Margin

          Orion Enterprise exists to help businesses in the space build sustainable, decentralized ecosystems, giving them the liquidity, accessibility, and growth they need to succeed.
          - Orion Price Oracle
          - Orion DEX Kit
          - Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin
          - Orion Enterprise Widget

          Orion Terminal: Use any non-custodial wallet (i.e. MetaMask) to tap into 10,000+ coins sourced from every centralized exchange, DEX, and swap pool, from just 1 place. Users control their assets, pay low fees, pay the best available price for an asset, and benefit from the security of never giving up control of their assets.

          Orion Lending:
          Similar to how Orion terminal aggregates order books, Orion Lending aggregates lending APRs from centralized and decentralized providers to ensure both borrowers and lenders can seamlessly use the best available rate.

          Orion Margin: The lack of order book depth on decentralized platforms has hindered the creation of high-margin (ergo, 100x) trading on decentralized exchanges. However, Orion Protocol can enable such a service as it aggregates the liquidity and depth of centralized exchanges through a decentralized executions.

          Orion Price Oracle: Orion Protocol enables the market-leading price oracle that is resilient to price manipulation due to price derivation from every order book in the market. This is incredibly advantageous to external DeFi products that have been regularly exploited due to inefficiencies in price oracles.

          Orion DEX Kit: The Protocol is usable by anyone, but the team is leading the product development on it. To facilitate others seeking to use the protocol, a developer kit will be launched to expand Protocol use.

          Orion Liquidity Boost Plugin: A pluggable liquidity source to any centralized or decentralized market. Exchanges can utilize the Orion Plugin to improve their order book depth and liquidity.

          Orion Enterprise Widget: A middle layer between crypto projects with utility tokens and all available liquidity of the token on the markets. Tokenized projects' enterprise clients can purchase tokens directly from the project's platform or website by routing orders from all exchanges carrying the token, returning tokens for immediate use.

          The products mentioned above are the earliest release points in the Orion product roadmap. Through the DEX kit, talented developers will be able launch and benefit from their own product visions, while growing the Orion Protocol ecosystem.

          Furthermore, additional products enabled by the Protocol's ability to offer the ultimate source of liquidity are already in the planning stage, and will be announced after concept finalization.
          5. Technologies Used and Innovative Mechanisms Created by Project
          Liquidity Aggregator Protocol
          The protocol standardizes connectivity to both centralized and decentralized exchanges, allowing all parties to participate in a trading workflow in a completely decentralized way. The protocol governs accounting and trade settlement that can be implemented on almost any public and enterprise blockchain.

          Decentralized Brokerage (Delegated Proof of Broker)
          Delegated Proof of Broker governs every function on the protocol from order execution, to clearing, to the governance of choosing a broker, and everything in between including via a decentralized brokerage with the native ORN token at its core. Designed using advantages from PoS, DPoB consists of two core components: Brokers and Non-Broker Stakers. Every transaction across the protocol acts as a trade being carried out by a broker via the decentralized exchange. Brokers earn rewards for conducting these trades: profit share from each transaction will be shared back in the form of ORN tokens.

          Smart Contracts
          Orion's innovative mutual credit accounting system implemented in different programming languages (including Solidity, Rust, etc) was specifically developed to be used in smart contracts on different platforms. This underpins Orion's blockchain-agnostic approach in exchange functionality that can be run on different blockchains.

          Order Matching Engine
          The high-performance Orion Matching Engine is built on the aggregated orderbook, updated from every connected exchange in real time. This fulfils splitting, routing and matching functions.

          Multi-Currency Wallet
          Orion wallet can be integrated into all familiar and widely-used wallets (including MetaMask, email/phone-based login, Test, etc.) and allows users to securely store their funds. This isn't limited to native ERC20 tokens, but includes synthetic tokens pegged 1:1 to native currencies on heterogeneous blockchains. This is implemented via Orion Token Bridge system built between different blockchains, including but not limited to Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like blockchains (BCH, BSV, LTC etc), Ethereum, ETC, EOS, NEO, Waves and others.
          6. The Technologist
          Orion Protocol's development is led by Alexey Koloskov.

          Alexey has a strong background in leading technological projects in the financial world. He has been a chief engineer and has been a technology development manager at major banks.

          He has synergized his development talents and deep-rooted experience with financial products to make considerable early steps in DeFi.

          Alexey created the Waves DEX (now, which is the most successful decentralized exchange to date. Despite only listing 18 coins, the peak volumes on the DEX cross $100M, and daily averages are regularly maintained at $10M. This milestone product serves as a testament to Alexey's ability to create blockchain products that are not only decentralized, but also characterized with a strong product/market, are viable from a business standpoint, and are scalable enough to support unprecedented demand.

          Alexey has been developing Orion Protocol since 2018. Until late-2019, he and the team had primarily self-funded Orion's development.

          7. token economy
          8. Detailed Token Metrics
          Token Type:
          Initial Circulation:
          3.81M ORN (3.81%, $381,000)
          Total Supply:
          Project Valuation:
          100,000,000 ORN
          $8,333,333 ($3.75M / 0.45)
          Seed Sale price:
          Seed Sale date:
          Seed Sale bonus:
          Seed Sale lockup:
          Seed Sale raise:
          Private Sale price:
          Private Sale date:
          Private Sale bonus:
          20%, locked for 16 month
          Private Sale lockup:
          Private Sale raise:
          10% released instantly, 15% released monthly for 6 month
          main part and bonus locked for 16 months
          Public Sale price:
          Public Sale date:
          Public Sale bonus:
          Public Sale lockup:
          Public Sale raise:
          Public Raise Individual Cap:
          9. Token Distribution
          Token Sale
          Orion Foundation
          10. Token Release Schedule