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Industry Network
& Sales
DAO Maker's services are used by the largest network of established products, projects, exchanges, and developments in the Crypto space. This gives us the ability to open doors, accelerate negotiations, and close deals for our clients.
Kickstart your revenue with a low-hanging fruit.
For many tokenized projects, early clientele and partnerships are to be found within the Crypto space itself. Negotiating business, technical, or operational collaborations with leading blockchain projects is not only a major PR move, it is also a means to bolster early product demand.
Clients seeking partnerships or collaborations with projects and businesses within the Crypto space can defer the work to us.
In order to ensure the partnership or collaboration proceeds smoothly, DAO Maker will:
Utilize its industry-wide network to get in touch with a decision maker
Negotiate terms
Prepare the contract
Our past clients have made business, operational, and technical collaborations with leading industry media, exchanges, wallets, and other tokenized developments.
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