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DAO Maker provides acceleration frameworks for startups while simultaneously reduces risks for investors.
Venture Capital
for the Masses
Token Paper
Launchpad for leading cryptocurrencies
Technology products and strategies subscribed by industry leaders
Soon to be the home of risk-capped equity ventures
The New Center of Personal Finance
Average ATH Returns
on Incubated Projects
The collective marketcap
of Incubated Projects
Instant Market Opportunity
Enjoy limited downside but uncapped upside to token and equity investments, through a single fiat-enabled, compliant platform.
Bringing Venture Capital to the Masses
Venture Bond
Venture Bonds enable venture investments with nearly zero risk. Principal capital is used to generate interest on insured CeFi and DeFi platforms, which is then allocated to startups.
The Dynamic Coin Offering is a whitelabel framework enabling large capital raises independent of market sentiment. Seamless refunds, token claims, and insured custody of refund escrow.
The Strong Holder Offering utilizes chain analysis tools and proprietary data sets to provide Tokenized Startups with the perfect Public Sale.
Inbuilt compliance, community incubation, and decentralized ecosystem acceleration.
Self-funded since 2018, DAO Maker is now one of the most connected and reputable brands in the cryptocurrency space, providing industry leaders with proprietary products and strategic consulting.
A Track Record of Success and Growth
Token Paper
One account to access the entire ecosystem. Become a growth engine for startups that excite you, while accumulating more stake in them.
Technology that Turns Supporters into Success
Social Mining
Staking 2.0 & YieldShield
Social Mining allows companies to categorize acquired users, further vet, train and deploy these users as now skilled contributors to the ecosystem. Allowing community efforts to be automated and simultaneously putting the community in the driving seat.
dTeams is Social Mining on Steroids. A direct plug in for companies yearning for rapid progress. It streamlines influx of contributions through a range of different applications and instruments at the users disposal. dTeams resembles the ideal infrastructure boost and allows easy monitoring through it's universally applicable CRM approach.
A permissionless toolkit that allows tokenized startups to grow and monitor the secondary market involvement of their users. It is powered by our chain analysis tools, with the addition of new resources that make participation in liquidity mining safer, and free of smart contract risk.
Necessity is the mother of invention. DAO Maker saw the need and responded. Creating one of the few compliant retail-oriented funding platforms focussing on token economics by a global scale. Pioneering the decentralized space through proprietary technology, accessible by all, for the years to come.
Product Roadmap
3 years of work ensures wide range of utilities right from the start.
A token to grow the entire Ecosystem
Automated Acceleration
All support products by DAO Maker incorporate the DAO Token in its fee structure, such as dTeams, Social Mining, YieldShield and Staking 2.0.
Reward Pool Governance
Participate in selection, incubation and acceleration. Stakers can provide financial support to their favorite projects on a monthly basis.
DAO Maker Enterprise
Our enterprise department furthers the DAO Ecosystem on a daily basis furthering utility such as fiat onramps and e-commerce support.
Benefits & Cashback
DAO Token holders will benefit from priority access a tired cashback system and more.
The DAO token is being issued under a 65% DYCO. Every single token will be refundable at 65% of the purchase value, and the refunded tokens will be burned.

Additionally, the DYCO will include a toll bridge. This will allow token buyers who seek an early exit to burn a portion of their tokens to skip the vesting schedule.
Token Paper
Token Sale Framework: DYCO
Dynamic Supply: 234M (max refund) to 312M
Dynamic Hardcap: 2.73M - 7.8M
Dynamic Valuation: $10.92M - $31.2M

Private Sale Price: $0.1
Private Sale Lock: 20% unlocked at TGE followed by quarterly vesting of 20% + Toll Bridge

Public Sale (SHO) Price: $0.1
Public Sale Lock: Unlocked
Public Sale Raise: $100,000