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YOP Finance
YOP Finance bridges traditional financial markets and crypto markets via DeFi.
Key Metrics
Ticker: YOP
Project Valuation: $4,444,444.44
Token Supply: 88,888,888 YOP
Tokens Sold: approximately 10,600,000 YOP
Hardcap (net): $533,000
1. Project Overview: What is YOP Finance?
YOP Finance is a DeFi platform combining a wallet, aggregator, and fiat bridge.

The development provides a DeFi onramp to London-based financial firms, as-well-as retail users across the world. Through the use of fiat onramps, YOP Finance provides a gateway application to DeFi. This application then provides a built-in dashboard to deploy capital to any DeFi market.

YOP Finance aims to be the retail brand for easy participation in DeFi savings. Just like Robinhood became the retail brand for the stock market.
2.A. Go-To Market strategy
YOP Finance has secured funding from PIRES Investments Plc, a London stock exchange-listed investment company. The project has also partnered with Pluto Digital Assets Plc, which is set to become a publicly traded $50m fund in mid-2021.

YOP Finance is using ties with brokers and funds in traditional finance to become a gateway to risk-hungry high net worth individuals who are willing to tap into the profitable liquidity pools of DeFi. The project aims to confirm a market penetration among wealthy individuals as a brand establishment measure, and to then use this recognition as a market penetration tool for mass retail.

YOP Finance is a platform providing a wallet, DeFi aggregator, and fiat onramp. This allows it to avoid being chain-specific. The chain agnostic capacity enables it to provide a bridge to all DeFi products on any blockchain, from a single user interface.
2.B. Product Viability
Cryptocurrency wallets have always had incredible user demand, and are a proven means of user entry. Industry titans like initiated as a wallet-first approach, and then expanded to additional products.

Similarly, major exchanges, including Binance, have acquired wallets to tap into and retain a user base. YOP is integrating the wallet-first approach into their Platform and Protocol application providing easy access for traditional retail users. A fiat-enabled platform provides retail-friendly onboarding, meanwhile support from firms in traditional finance provide a bridge to institutional wealth that is exploring DeFi.

Providing a wallet as a middle ground for tapping into an aggregated portfolio of yield-generating DeFi markets is an effective way to bring DeFi to masses at scale.
3. Product Roadmap
4. Revenue Streams
YOP Finance charges a premium on its fiat onboarding and claims a small fee on the built-in swap feature.
The DeFi aggregation is an acquisition and value-add service for retaining users.
5. Product Dive

  • Connect to the farmers' market: live aggregation, pricing and community engagement
  • Provides functions to swap, farm, harvest, and store
  • Access every blockchain and reward pool in one place
  • Data Hub: blockchain data harvesting, DeFi stats, market insights, live feeds, and portfolio management


  • YOP Finance provides a yield optimization protocol that auto-harvests and re-invests the earning into supported farms
6. Technologies Used and Created by the Project

A chain agnostic farming protocol that delivers optimal yield generation from across the DeFi space, on any blockchain.
7. Technologist
Atif Yaqub
Ethereum advisory between the tech and traditional finance markets in the middle east.

YOP Finance is being developed with the support of elbstack, a leading technology engineering firm which provides services to global institutional like Hapag-Lloyd.
8. Token Economy
The YOP token provides loyalty incentives, i.e. discounts, within the YOP ecosystem. Fees paid for onboarding and swaps are discounted if the user holds YOP tokens. Additionally, tiered holding limits open access to more advanced variants of the yProtocol.