Social Mining And Beyond

DAO Maker is composed of several arms and Social Mining operations are just one of them.
The community is the backbone of a decentralized project. While Social Mining can organize and amplify the capabilities of a project’s community members, DAO Maker’s consalting arm offers services to ensure community acquisition and growth, thereby building a constant loop of positive growth.

DaoMaker Labs

DAO Maker takes a multi-pronged approach towards
enabling the Success of its Partners.

Our Flagship Offering

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Metrics and Token Economy Advisory

We work closely with projects that are selected as recipients of Social Mining to ensure that the project’s token economy properly encourages the community to add value. While token metrics are important, these figures align the project’s valuation in the best interest of the community; this is only one aspect of the game theory involved in the creation of a robust, decentralized ecosystem.
The token’s role in the project must offer meaningful incentives for the community to not just hold tokens, but acquire more of them with avid interest through either purchase or Social Mining. Based on our experiences with successful projects and our analysis of unsuccessful projects, we work closely with a project’s decision makers to pin down the most effective token metrics and token economy that ensure the longevity and indefinite success of the development, and the creation of a thriving and growing community.

Omnipresent Exposure

For Social Mining to strengthen a project’s backbone, a project must first have a backbone.
DAO Maker leverages its experience with Crypto-centric and traditional media, blockchain industry’s leading influencers and KOLs, organized guerilla marketing, network of key figures in Crypto communities, and experience with creating high-conversion visual and written content to create an acquisition funnel that effectively translates the broader community’s interest into active community participation.


DAO Maker Fund

To ensure we have a genuine vested interest in the success of the projects we partner with, DAO Maker’s investment arm, which operates as a VC fund, invests in the seed or private sale of a project’s tokens. The DAO Maker Fund presently sources its capital from DAO Maker’ team members.
We generally take the role of active investors as the projects that we invest in generally gain access to Social Mining. Additionally, several projects in our portfolio have become partners who have benefitted from our omnipresent exposure campaigns and token metrics/economy advisory.growing community.


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