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KYCed users*

DAO Launchpad

Access DAO Maker incubation projects, top tier sales & NFT projects before they hit the market.

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Public SHO

Public SHOs allow anyone with more than $500 USD worth of tokens in their wallets to participate.

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Private SHO

Stake minimum 250 DAO to access Private SHOs with higher winning chances and larger allocation sizes.

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Stake DAO

Unlock the full power of the DAO ecosystem through staking.

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Private SHO

Buying minimum 250 DAO and staking gives access to Private SHO’s. More you stake, your winning chances multiply.

Venture Staking

Venture Staking

Enjoy staking on non-inflationary asset.

Community Launchpad

Community Launchpad

Vote for startups and win guaranteed allocations.



Take part in DAO ecosystem.

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DAO locked


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DAO earned by Stakers

Farms & Vesting

Stake on farm and claim tokens for a wide number of projects.

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LP farms and single asset staking

Easy to set up incentives for token holders

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Vesting contracts & token claim

Anyone can verify projects vesting terms

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Community Launchpad

Discover ongoing crypto launchpad offerings & IDOs
elected by the community.



Stake DAO in order to unlock access to DAO community voting round



Take part in voting with guaranteed allocations

Community launchpad
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Ecosystem governance

Vote for DAO Maker ecosystem changes by engaging in discussions on Discord. The ecosystem participation is open only for DAO token holders or those who staked.

Participate on Snapshot
Ecosystem governance