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The Creators of
Social Mining

Social Mining is the most advanced resource for converting any Tokenized Ecosystem into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), thus delivering a +100% increase to token utility.
Our Work
We are a pioneering tech consultancy for blockchain technology implementation, and a leader in strategy consultancy for tokenized products' branding, business development, and growth.
Strategic Consulting & Community Incubation
These projects are selected well-before each project's TGE. At this stage, the project has little to no public interest, and therefore we focus on building their community, brand, token economics and metrics, partnership network, target-market onboarding strategy, rapid business development, etc.
Social Mining Finished
LTO Network
Despite launching in the bear market, LTO Network reached an all-time-high ROI of 11x from the private sale price. As an early adopter of Social Mining and a beneficiary of DAO Maker's marketing and community creation services, LTO Network has acquired one of the most active and value-adding communities in the Crypto space.
Social Mining Active
Elrond Network
Prior to DAO Maker's involvement, Elrond Network was largely a stealth project. Within weeks of receiving DAO Maker's marketing, narrative & PR, and community creation services, Elrond Network's private sale reached an over-subscription of more than 1,000%. Elrond uses DAO Maker's technology to grow and engage its community while bolstering its brand and community-sourced development.
Social Mining Active
2key Network
DAO Maker has partnered with 2key to enhance the token's metrics, utility, and economy. The product has been rebranded and, as an on-going service, the company receives product and business strategy, content management and distribution, sales/conversion funnels, community creation & growth, and marketing.
Social Mining Active
AVA Labs is going to use Social Mining to advance its community and attract a more decentralized product expansion.
Social Mining Clients
DAO Maker selects Social Mining recipients based on product development and the eventual ability to generate cash flow towards the token, through the secondary market.
Although these projects do utilize our SAAS solutions, these clients are not being directly consulted or adivsed by DAO MAKER. All decisions are made completely independent of DAO Maker's involvement.
Social Mining Active
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network is an on-going user of Social Mining technology. More than 10% of the project's sold token are used by the community to direct the Ferrum DAO in order to drive decentralized growth for the project's technology, awareness, and usage.
Social Mining Finished
The Social Mining campaign on Harmony has been successfully completed. In just 60 days, over $350,000 worth of ONE was used by Harmony's community members to claim a role in the Harmony DAO, and the price of ONE appreciated by 23.6%.
Marketing Clients
DAO Maker offers a top-down marketing service. We develop core brand assets that are strategized to draw interest. These brand assets are distributed through our industry network, comprised of every notable media or Crypto influencers on all channels.

Projects have to pass our due diligence process to be accepted as a marketing client; there must be demonstrable product viability, an MVP, and valid team qualifications.
DAO Maker collaborated with ECOMI a mere week before its IEO. Within 32 hours of contract signing, the ECOMI brand (and token sale) was advertised in every corner of the digital asset sector; ECOMI is one of the very few IEOs to sell-out on Bitforex. Even months after the campaign, the community built by DAO Maker remain as ardent, active, and engaged supporters of the project.
About a week before the token sale, Ultra received an overwhelmingly powerful marketing campaign that grew the project's community, drew in excessive interest, and made the project one of the most discussed developments, enabling the project to sell-out not only unlocked public sale tokens, but also the locked tokens.
DAO Maker has been integrating NEM since the first week of May 2020. After an initial internal governance reshuffle, the path is set at reinvigorating NEM by structuring, identifying and expanding towards the full scope of the NEM community through the tools deployed by DAO Maker's Social Mining SaaS, project name NEM HUB.
Our Technology
Social Mining creates organized decentralized ecosystems that efficiently leverage human capital.
Our Services
Social Mining
A pluggable 100% increase to a token's utility. Social Mining is DAO Maker's flagship offering. It allows any tokenized project to set token-denominated incentives for community members who offer value to the ecosystem; rewards and incentives are autonomously decided by token holders.
Seed Funding
DAO Maker provides access to seed funding through its well-engaged native community of investors and access to reputable VCs.
Token Economy
In pursuit of a high initial valuation, projects often develop a less-than-optimal token metrics or token economy; DAO Maker's experience and deep-rooted understanding of utility tokens enables us to help projects create a desirable utility token.
Exchange Listings
From getting the foot in a door to handling the key listing pitch, DAO Maker's clients have benefitted from our access to top-tier exchanges.
Given that DAO Maker is a brand known for community growth, acquisition, and engagement, effective and professional community management is an easy target for us.
Due to DAO Maker's positive reputation in the cryptocurrency space, we have managed to build a vast network of influencers that will ensure your ICO is spread in every corner of this sector across various social channels.
DAO Maker offers one of the most cost-effective KYC & AML compliance services in this sector.
In pursuit of a high initial valuation, projects often develop a less-than-optimal token metrics or token economy; DAO Maker's experience and deep-rooted understanding of utility tokens enables us to help projects create a desirable utility token.
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