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    Astra’s mission is to equip all DeFi smart contracts with a fully decentralized compliance layer, including KYC & AML capabilities, to act as a tool to resolve real-world compliance issues using the expertise of trusted legal firms.

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Astra is the decentralized legal layer that provides regulatory compliance across a vast number of DeFi protocols. Their technology utilizes major accredited legal and business advisory firms worldwide to provide the best possible service. 


• Astra technology from The Proof of Trust stands alone as the most versatile and fairest dispute resolution and data verification platform relating to blockchain and smart contracts. 

• Some technology-powered alternatives to traditional dispute resolution that could be considered in direct competition with Astra have appeared. These mostly take the shape of private-sector funded dispute resolution platforms, which rely on blockchain technology and varying levels of human input. 

• Some utilise “crowd-sourced justice”, like Kleros, whilst others apply more traditional forms of arbitration, used in the realm of blockchain, such as Jur. 

• Most of these systems remain in beta testing mode and/or development, and several technical and legal obstacles remain, but no IDO in sight.

• Perhaps the most notable startups can be described as having anything like a similar offering to Astra. 

Kleros is a decentralised adjudication system, and is an example of such a platform. It proposes “fast, open and affordable justice for all” in the form of a quasi-judicial online court system. The peer to peer platform uses crowdsourcing and blockchain to put the dispute resolution process in the hands of the community. Members of the public can sign up as jurors and are then selected by the system and appointed to jury panels. 

Globally patented technology — Astra has a unique solution that has been recognised worldwide to be of exceptional value and powerfully disruptive across all sectors. It is well known that a strong patent gives: exclusive rights, a strong market position, higher returns on investment, the opportunity to licence/sell our product, increased negotiating power and a positive enterprise image. As Astra Protocol is the only offering in this sector with patented technology, from the moment of ICO they stand above any competitor. Trusted Participants — unlike Kleros, Astra Protocol uses trusted and verified network participants as adjudicators on cases. Meaning that everyone is accountable for their actions, ensuring all votes are honest and the fairest outcome achieved. Kleros relies on random network participants that remain entirely anonymous to the system. Technology backing — no other company has developed the technological or financial partnerships that Astra has. In partnering with IBM, Chainlink and Cardano, they have secured the world’s leading blockchain specialists to help develop their platform, ensuring that it will be the most sophisticated and capable dispute resolution service available on the market. Anti-collusion algorithm — Delegates in the Astra ecosystem are selected to adjudicate on a particular case based on their expertise, trust rating and information extracted from KYC procedures.  Astra Protocol ensures that there is no opportunity for communication that would compromise a case outcome. No other resolution platform can make the same claim. Trust Rating — Delegates earn trust ratings depending on their voting behaviour. A higher trust rating gives Delegates the opportunity for more work, and their votes are more heavily weighted, meaning the most honest actors have more voting power. Neither Jur nor Kleros has a compatible system. Reliable outcome — Many of the blockchain-based dispute resolution mechanisms that have been proposed involve jurors deciding, not based on the merits of each party’s position but based on a prediction of how other jurors will vote, such as Kleros2. While this may be acceptable for anonymised disputes in low-risk situations, it is unlikely to be adopted by enterprise users because of the inherent uncertainties in a dispute resolution process that could be based on matters other than the merits of a case. Astra uses subject matter experts that are highly qualified to review each case. Therefore case outcomes are based on evidence as opposed to predicting others' voting patterns. 




All technology has been built by the ASTRA team. Ethereum solidity - as above.


Astra is working with all of its committed investors such as Chainlink and Cardano to harness their partner network in order to embed Astra Protocol into their ecosystem and launch the most successful ICO.