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Gamium is the center of the metaverse. Mint your avatar, create experiences, get a job, socialize and earn within Gamium.

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What is Gamium (GMM)?

Gamium is a web3 and metaverse technology company whose mission is to create the first metaverse that interconnects all of them, making avatars and assets multi-metaverse compatible.

Gamium is building:

  • The Avatar: A digital identity that can be used accross all web3 and metaverse applications, allowing unique interoperability and usabillity.
  • The Decentralized Social Metaverse: A virtual world to allow everyone build whatever they want through the Gamium SDK.

The Avatar

The Avatar is a digital identity represented by a soulmate NFT that brings all the digital fingerprints of a user in a unified entity. These digital fingerprints include 3D anatomies, and on-chain and off-chain data.

The Avatar is a portable, persistent, non-corruptible, and verifiable digital identity that captures web3 values like decentralization and pseudo-anonymity. Any metaverse and web3 application can integrate this identity technology through the Avatar SDK to unlock more value to their users.

The Decentralized Social Metaverse

Gamium combines social features with a 3D fully immersive decentralized world. Avatars are the creators of the Gamium metaverse; they can build whatever they want through the Gamium SDK.

Genesis is the center of the Gamium world, where you can find the Gamium buildings. These buildings contain unique applications like Decentralized chats, 3D calling apps, DeFi Applications, and Jobs portals. In Genesis, you will also find immersive experiences and exclusive events.

Outside of Genesis, there are Islands, places for Avatars to live and build whatever they want. Using the Gamium SDK into their LAND, Avatars can build their house, create 3D objects, create exclusive events, integrate their e-commerce store, advertise or rent their space, and many more.

The SDK also allow Avatars to monetize and integrate any application into the Gamium world, converting Gamium into the App Store of the metaverse. The possibilities are infinite.

Gamium (GMM) marketing strategy?

Gamium is releasing the beta version of The Avatar and The Decentralized Social Metaverse in 2022. Combining the below-mentioned points will allow Gamium to experience exponential growth.

KOLs and Brands

Gamium is onboarding a wide range of top-tier KOLs into their ecosystem. Most of these KOLs are investors and direct collaborators of the project. They love it. Gamium is also onboarding Brands that want to create immersive experiences on the metaverse. The combination of top-tier KOLs, prestigious brands, and great products will help Gamium reach a massive user base.

Owning a piece of the Gamium metaverse

Gamium's high-quality LANDs campaign creates tremendous interest in the crypto ecosystem and the NFT and traditional markets. The combination of LANDs, The Avatar, and the Gamium SDK allows navigating the internet and blockchains with one click on a 3D environment. For instance, allowing brands to integrate their ecommerce stores into the Gamium metaverse, and allow avatars to make purchases with one click. Brands really love that.

The Avatar, beta release

The Avatar will change the way we navigate through the internet. Any web3, metaverse application can integrate Gamium digital identities through the Avatar SDK. Gamium's one click login allows users to navigate to new applications and share the information they want. The application can then use that information to add more value to their products and services. Gamium is also releasing the firsts applications that integrate the Avatar SDK, like a Multichain portfolio app and a Decentralized chat (yes, you will be able to talk with any address on the blockchain).

The decentralized social metaverse, beta release

This beta will change the way we think about metaverses. This release include social features and will be mainly focused on supporting and creating value to communities. Avatars will be able to access events, and exclusive apps inside the Gamium buildings. The Gamium SDK will also be available to start building experiences on the LANDs.

MST economics and Socialize to Earn

Release of the MST token and the socialize to earn monetization model to add a native economic layer to the Gamium metaverse. This release will add a economic incentive for the Avatars to stay and interact on the Gamium world.

What makes Gamium (GMM) unique?

What is Gamium (GMM) roadmap?

Gamium (GMM) revenue streams

What features does Gamium (GMM) have?

What technologies Gamium (GMM) does use?

  • Digital identities
  • NFTs
  • Data privacy encription
  • AI
  • Blockchain forensic software
  • Certik
  • Unity/Unreal Engine
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avatar SDK
  • Gamium SDK

What are Gamium (GMM) tokenomics?