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Themis is the first mover in bringing the highest demand DeFi services to the booming metaverse and GameFi economies.

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Premium round offerings for DAO holders only. Higher winning chances with lower fees. See rules

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What is Themis (TMS)?

Themis lets cryptocurrency users access NFT collateral, NFT leverage, and GameFi liquidity. Earn DeFi yields that are driven not by trading, but by playing and consumption.

Themis also brings leverage to liquidity providers: Uni v3 tokens, which are NFTs, can be collateralized to borrow stablecoins. The trading fees can potentially self-redeem the entire loan and interest.

Themis scales liquidity provision for market makers, launchpads, and long-term holders. It brings liquidity to an otherwise illiquid metaverse.

How does Themis (TMS) work?

  • Lending Supply: supply crypto to yields interests and farm reward.
  • Collateral Borrow: NFT such as uniswap V3 NFT, crytopunk owners can get over 65% Collateral Factor to get a crypto loan with minimal risk. Cryptopunk is just an example, owners of the top NFT collections are getting higher collateral factor with signature.
  • Auction pad: innovation to crypto NFT liquidation. Win-win situation for liquidator and platform.
  • Yield Farming: Stake LP to yields.
  • Layer2 range: follow up uniswap and other eco-partner

What makes Themis (TMS) unique?

In the money market format, the main historical competitors of Themis App are COMPOUND and AAVE pools, where they have the advantage of offering a UNI-V3 lending variety and a new auction format. Themis is more efficient in crypto lending compared to their competitors in the realms of NFT lending, such as NFTfi and Pawn.fi and other NFT transactions. Add to that, that Themis was also able to quickly compete with unicrypt and move more than 150M + in Liquidity locks over to our protocol - ignore this info at your own risk.

What is Themis (TMS) roadmap?

Themis (TMS)revenue streams

What technologies does Themis (TMS) use?

  • Uniswap V3 NFT pricing data
  • NFT SP-tokenization: transfer NFT into SP-token_targetToken
  • Liquidation Factor Formula
  • Liquidation Auction

What is Themis (TMS) marketing strategy?

Themis' GTM started with an airdrop event where they were able to gather more than 5000 users on their whitelist. It plans to do an invite only via launchpads to quickly onboard LP locks towards Themis to bootstrap the demand side. As for the supply side (stable coins), they will have an incentive built in to reward early stable coins participants.

The token IDO for Themis (TMS) is set to happen on DAO Maker launchpad before listing on exchanges. Add DAO token to your portfolio to have a chance at allocations in the TMS token IDO.